Friday, December 6, 2013

Deducing The Relationship Between Analytical and Intuitive Thinking

When I think about the relationship between analytical and intuitive thinking I tend to focus on the differences first. I have found that I am more of an analytical thinker, but I also feel that over the years through life and education I have been trained to think that way. As children we tend to lean towards our intuition and what feels right. We are molded by society, our peers, parents and other authority figures to think a certain way. We are taught absolutes and that we shouldn't rely on our feelings, but what facts and figures tell us what is right. This is not to say that analytical people cannot be intuitive and vice versa. The reality is that at some point analytical thinkers use some form of intuition when making decisions. The same goes for intuitive thinkers using analytical approaches at times to arrive to a solution. This very statement for me shows the relationship between these two forms. Each frame of thinking is only enhanced by the other. Because of this I think any good designer; any wise designer learns early on how to navigate between both ways of thinking to boost their creativity and make an idea become reality.

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