Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dialogue Between Two Distinct Spaces

The objective of the following project was to create 2 distinct spaces using 12 skewers and 12 pieces of  4x6 paper. These 2 spaces should have some sort of dialogue between them. Below is my process through this project from beginning to end.

Step one of my IARC 101 project: Create a graphic/parti. Above is my parti made of images that I got from I was inspired by these bedrooms that had the actual bed itself in its own space; thus giving birth to my original ideal of a space within a space. I was inspired by the natural and white washed woods the most. I also like the clean lines and smooth curves made by integrating the two spaces. However, after some critique I found that creating a space within a space may be hard to do without going outside of the 2 distinct space requirements. So...

Here is my first draft of my structure and step two of my project. Using 12 skewers and 12 pieces of 4x6 paper I created 2 distinct spaces. I decided against the space within a space idea and instead created 2 vertical spaces separated by a triangular plane. What I liked about this first draft was the triangular plane used to seperate the two spaces. I also liked the way I manipulated the paper (which I call screens) and the spaces created between them and the smooth walls of the lower space. I also like the contrast of texture between the too.

My second draft I still incorporated the screens and the contrast of textures between the screens and lower walls. In this version of my piece the thing I liked the most was the way I used the screens in the front to create this sort of pointed roof. I also liked the lines created on the smooth walls using the string. The intention here was to some what mimic the lines created by the textured screens above. This piece did not get completed as you can see I am missing some paper and skewers to equal the total of 12 each.

Here are a few pictures of the final product from different angles. In the first picture I originally had 2 arches for each entry way. Those got removed in "outside editing", but none the less I am still pleased with the result. The reason I had the arches in the first place was because I wanted to give some visual relief from all the straight vertical and horizontal lines. I thought this would be a good way to introduces a break in the mononty. I think you can look for yourself and see all the elements from the first 2 drafts that I brought together to create the end result.

My plan drawing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drawing Bottles For The First Time

IARC 110 Visualization Drawing

I must insert disclaimer here: I am not very good at this. I struggled a lot with trying to wrap my brain around drawing the squares, finding the center, and drawing the circles. I might add that my lines aren't very good either. I know the final bottles do not look great, so maybe I should post where I started first.

So as you will see my drawings will come a long way. Now on to what happens with much practice.

No, not a bottle, but I wanted to try to draw something with just 2 planes and work with that first. With all the lines my point of view on the paper kept changing so It kind of made it hard to see. Eventually I got it though.

This was a flask of some sort that I found at work. I think it use to have flowers in it. My lines in this one are a little better. My planes are still a bit off, but I just need more practice. I like this one because for the most part my lines are even and I was able to draw the circles somewhat close to scale of the real thing.

Again here I was unable to really draw my lines well to connect the circles and the planes aren't really that great either, but I like how there is some improvement than what I started with.

This isn't a bottle obviously, but I like the lines of the glass and I wanted to draw it. I figured I could use the same concept as before, but I was unable to fully grasp drawing the base.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drawing 101...Which Freaking Pencil Am I Supposed To Be Using!!??

Pencil Hardness: The Only 4 Pencils You Need

I thought this post was great! I don't have any background in drawing. I didn't even realize there was a world of pencils outside of my regular 2H pencil from grade school! With all the sketching we do in class I was never clear on which pencil to use or how to make a decision on which pencil to use. Now I know why I'm using a 2H pencil first and graduating to a softer pencil. A 2H pencil is for "groundwork" I guess to sketch and get all of your lines down. After this I can go back with a 6B pencil to add in depth, clean lines, dimension, etc. So glad I found this video! Now I'm just that much closer to improving my drawing skill!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What My Stick Structure Says About Me

Environmental Design 101

"Stick Project"

The structure I created with my sticks is definitely abstract. It doesn't really make an immediate recognizable shape. Most people probably would look at it and not get it at first. They would question what is it and may even be confused by it. They may try to put it in a category that doesn't really fit, but to make themselves comfortable they put it there anyway. People may try harder to understand it and think there is some deep revelation to it when actually the answer is very simple. This is how most people see me everyday. I always tell people who first meet me that there are no layers to pull back; what you see is what you get. Usually what you want to know is right there on the surface and if it's not, then it's not far from it. Because I'm a simple person to understand, people try to make it into something deeper. Perhaps I am deep and intellectual, but I don't feel that way. Perhaps this structure says more than what I'm trying to say. For now though, all we are saying is simply fire and flames.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Quotes from Design Drawing by Francis D.K. Ching

Design Visualization 110

Ching, Francis D.K. (1998) Design Drawing. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

"Seeing empowers our ability to draw, while drawing invigorates seeing." (p.2)

I like this quote in the reading because when it comes to drawing I really struggle with self doubt. However one of my strengths is having the ability to see things in a way that most can't and finding the beauty in things society considers plain. I think because of this it may help with my ability to draw, and once my drawing improves my ability to see the world and what's in it will be that much more enhanced.

"Drawing thus is a natural and necessary extension of visual thought." (p. 8)

This quote stood out to me because I find myself having difficulty expressing myself through words, but I always say "If I had a piece of paper, I could draw it for you." Even though I can't draw very well yet, I know that once my skills get better I will be able to express myself not only more effectively, but on another whole different level and deeper dynamic.

"A drawing can never reproduce reality; it can only make visible our perceptions of that outer reality and the inner visions of the mind's eye." (p.10)

I love this quote because it makes me think of the saying art often imitates life. This is so true and this quote kind of explains why that is. The drawing is only a view of reality, but it does not necessarily mean it is the truth of that reality. When something is imitated the one who is imitating is only giving their view of reality and also expressing their feelings and thoughts on the subject.