Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What My Stick Structure Says About Me

Environmental Design 101

"Stick Project"

The structure I created with my sticks is definitely abstract. It doesn't really make an immediate recognizable shape. Most people probably would look at it and not get it at first. They would question what is it and may even be confused by it. They may try to put it in a category that doesn't really fit, but to make themselves comfortable they put it there anyway. People may try harder to understand it and think there is some deep revelation to it when actually the answer is very simple. This is how most people see me everyday. I always tell people who first meet me that there are no layers to pull back; what you see is what you get. Usually what you want to know is right there on the surface and if it's not, then it's not far from it. Because I'm a simple person to understand, people try to make it into something deeper. Perhaps I am deep and intellectual, but I don't feel that way. Perhaps this structure says more than what I'm trying to say. For now though, all we are saying is simply fire and flames.

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