Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drawing Bottles For The First Time

IARC 110 Visualization Drawing

I must insert disclaimer here: I am not very good at this. I struggled a lot with trying to wrap my brain around drawing the squares, finding the center, and drawing the circles. I might add that my lines aren't very good either. I know the final bottles do not look great, so maybe I should post where I started first.

So as you will see my drawings will come a long way. Now on to what happens with much practice.

No, not a bottle, but I wanted to try to draw something with just 2 planes and work with that first. With all the lines my point of view on the paper kept changing so It kind of made it hard to see. Eventually I got it though.

This was a flask of some sort that I found at work. I think it use to have flowers in it. My lines in this one are a little better. My planes are still a bit off, but I just need more practice. I like this one because for the most part my lines are even and I was able to draw the circles somewhat close to scale of the real thing.

Again here I was unable to really draw my lines well to connect the circles and the planes aren't really that great either, but I like how there is some improvement than what I started with.

This isn't a bottle obviously, but I like the lines of the glass and I wanted to draw it. I figured I could use the same concept as before, but I was unable to fully grasp drawing the base.

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