Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greensboro Public Art

These are some of the public art pieces that I found in Greensboro. The first image is one of four of the Gateway Cornerstones titled "Motion". I thought this piece was very interesting. It represents the importance of education and the historic railroad and highway system. The second picture is of the "News and Records Bench". Although you cannot see it in the photo, there is an actual depiction of the  NASA Challenger crash newspaper report and the Twin Towers newspaper report as well. The third picture is a part of a project that consisted of installing iron gates over pre existing doorways along the greenway underpass. LED lights were added for an interactive affect. The last picture is of the Millennium Gate that sits on the Governmental Plaza and has many depictions of important iconic events in NC history. Some of the events include the Lost Colony, a chair that represents the furniture industry of Greensboro, The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, a drinking gourd that represents the Underground Railroad, and the Statue of Liberty that represents immigration. These are only few examples of the many public arts in Greensboro. These are a couple of the ones that I found the most interesting.

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