Sunday, February 9, 2014

IAR 102- Individual CCED Plan for West Studio in the IARC Building at UNCG Greensboro, NC

These are pictures of the existing space:

Purposed Floor/Furniture Plan:

This is my individual purposed floor plan for the CCED. This plan is of the west studio located in the IARC building at UNC Greensboro, Greensboro, NC. In this plan there is space that has been dedicated to a receptionist, director and administrator, touchdown space for mobile employees, a staff/break area for employees and interns, and a conference area for meetings and presentations. Currently the space is an open area of about 900 sq ft and has no east wall. That wall would have to be added and I have purposed that it be a glass wall to provide transparency; an idea that was expressed by the client. Also, this glass wall will allow for the natural light from the west wall windows to continue to travel through the space as before. The walls that divide each individual space would be retractable and mobile so that the client would have the ability to rearrange the area to allow for growth and development over time. At this time ceiling installation has not been addressed due to the complicated nature of the existing ceiling. Flooring currently is concrete and can be addressed as development continues with the client.

Sketch Model:

My sketch model for this space features three circular distinct areas. It wasn't so much about the shape of this sketch model that provided inspiration and ideation as it was about the distinct areas. I wanted the designated area to have space that was specified for each auxiliary and activity the area was intended for. At the same time there should be some type of connectivity between the spaces. This could be shown through color scheme, furniture, or concepts.


The concept I came up with is described in the above statement regarding my sketch model. The concept is to have a large area with distinct spaces designated for each activity/auxiliary that also has a sense of connectivity shown through either color scheme, furniture, or some other type of medium repetition.

Activity/Needs List:

Research, design, drafting, client interaction, meetings, presentations, reception, lounge/break for employees and interns.

Large display tables, Small meeting/drawing tables , Computer desks (individual and communal), Drafting boards (both mobile and stationary), Desk lamps, Computers , Projectors, Display boards, Pin up boards, Dry Erase boards, Projection board (stationary and mobile), Chairs, Chairs with casters (rolling chairs), Shelving, Personal cabinets for utensils storage, Partition walls/screens (mobile), Couches, Lounge chairs, Rugs, Carpeting, Coffee table, Lamps, Secure storage, Transparent and/or opaque walls (mobile and stationary), Signs/branding, Announcement board, Telephones, Bookcase, Filing cabinets, Printer, Fax machine, Secure storage space, Paint, Wallpaper, Wall art (for waiting room), Display board (for waiting room to show previous projects/works).

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