Friday, March 21, 2014

This Little House

The "This Little House" project was a very fun and interesting learning experience for me. I had never done floor plans, renderings, or sections so it was exciting to learn something that I see everyday on HGTV!

The first approach was drawing the existing floor plan and then changing it to a purposed floor plan.

The floor plan on the left is the existing plan and on the right is my proposed plan. As you can see on the west wall of the proposed plan I added a window and the window in the kitchen is about 42" A.F.F. to make room for the kitchen sink.

In the above picture you can see my dimensioned floor plan and my rendered floor plan. As you will see in the following pictures I didn't stay with my original color scheme. We were learning to work with Prismacolor markers and color pencils and creating texture and depth with them, which as you can tell from the drawing is still a work in progress!

In the next three drawings are 2 one point views of the kitchen, with and without furniture, and I decided to to do the south wall in a one point view as well.

This is a one point view of the kitchen wall. I tried a different approach for each drawing. In this one I used a black marker to create the lines and I used my color pencil and markers to create texture in the carpet and shading in the corners where there isn't much light.
In this rendering I used the pencil line and went over it with marker to try and create lines by using shadow and depth.

This rendering has no lines drawn with black ink or pencil. All lines, depth, shading, and values are created with the marker.

I think with more practice and learning to combine each tactic I used will help me to create more realistic renderings in the future.

The last two renderings are from the ten sections I did. We were asked to add scale sized figures to them. I think I made some improvement with my rendering, but can still use more practice.

Even though "This Little House" was a long and tedious project, I really enjoyed it! As I stated earlier it is exciting to learn about something that you hear or see all the time. When you love what you are doing, it doesn't become work, it feels more like therapy!

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