Monday, November 18, 2013

Bell Tower and Page 101

The above is my 2nd drawing of the Bell Tower. This time I tried to approach it differently by focusing more on one area that includes the tower. I started by drawing my horizon line. After that I pretty much just started drawing lines, but that was proving to take a long while yielding nothing but errors. Finally I took a long hard look at the "roof" of the tower and realized that it was actually making a triangle and if i could draw that triangle correctly, I would be able to draw the roof. I tried it and it worked! That was how I decided to approach the rest of the drawing. That along with paying attention to where most of the lines would meet my horizon I think I did a nice job. It's a long cry from where I started (picture coming soon). Once I got the hang of it I, and figured out how make the translation between my eyes, brain, and hand the lines the images were creating, it actually became enjoyable drawing this scene. Hopefully I can carry that on to other drawings in the future.

This was an in class drawing exercise. I liked this because it helped me to understand a bit better about guidelines. I think my drawing came close to what was in the book. I was off with centering and some picture details. The one thing I didn't like about this exercise was having to keep starting over with each square. I think I would've done better had I been able to continue the drawing in one sitting as opposed to having to keep starting from the beginning with each drawing. I think doing that increased the possibility of me making mistakes or missing details.

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