Monday, October 28, 2013

Turning a Song into 3D Space

To start, the song I chose was "Tip Toe" by Tamar Braxton. I chose this song not only because I really like it, but I love the instruments that are in the song. The percussion in this song sounds kind of tribal to me and I love the range of her voice in the song. She also uses her voice to make emphasis on certain phrases in the song. For example there is a line where she says "Cause I don't want my business t be at my neighbor's door, and I don't want my business on the Wendy Williams Show!" I also thought this line was funny considering who Wendy Williams is (a celebrity news gossip). This is definitely one of those songs that when you hear it you can't help to move. Here is a link to the song below.

"Tip Toe" - Tamar Braxton

So I made up a dance to this song. I would describe the dance as very structured with every movement having a purpose to express that part in the song. Here is the dance.


As you can see I used neon lights on my wrist, ankles, and head to better focus on the space that I was occupying while doing the dance. As for it being shot in the dark there is a reason for that as well; actually two. The first and obvious reason is because I wouldn't be able to see the lights. The second reason is more of a vain one. I enjoy dancing better when I'm in my living room and no one's watching but my dog. I'm so glad animals don't judge!

After doing my dance and reviewing it I came up with a space that occupied a perpendicular plane. I could explain what I did, but I have pictures!

After critiques it was suggested that I try to show more connection between the frontal portion and back portion. I could possibly use a thinner piece of string to show this connection. I do agree with this critique and will attempt this approach. I'm excited to see how this new weaving/connection will create a different space.

UPDATE: To follow up with this piece, the whole thing fell apart literally. I decided that instead of taking more time to put it back together and weave the string all over again, I would just move on to the next iteration. This next iteration is discussed more in the post "Exhibit Piece".

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