Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music in Pictures

We were asked to pick our favorite song. This song had to be one that we would listen to over and over again. It should be one that spoke to us and would stop us in our tracks if we heard it in the street. The song I chose for this project was "Beautiful" by Blackstar feat. Mary J. Blige and here is the link below:

Next we were asked to draw 25 squares on a piece of paper and take a minute (graciously timed by Prof. Mendoza herself) to draw whatever the music was making us feel. Here are some of the images I drew below.

After that we were asked to take some pictures that expressed our song and make a collage.

I was asked why I chose to place my photos on this particular grid pattern and honestly it was because the small pictures I drew were on the same type of grid.

My second iteration of my collage is pictured below. I needed something big to place my pictures on because I could not figure out how to print my pictures out smaller than 4x6. Most of the pictures I took were of flowers from Duke Gardens in Durham, NC but I also wanted some pictures of actual people as well. I decided to go to Southpoint mall also in Durham,NC and take pictures of couples. I don't have a picture of my second iteration as I pretty much deconstructed it before I realized I had no photo of it. It was basically a tri-fold poster board with my pictures and drawings arranged in it.

My third iteration is pictured below. I wanted something with a little more depth and dimension which is why I chose to create a four sided box.

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