Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Visual Comm Post 1/2: Week 1

Working on building codes now. I must say I am quite interested in this. My current profession is a registered nurse and I used to work as a home health nurse some time ago. For 8 months dealing with ICD-9 or medical coding was my life, and I hated it. I thought, who would've thought there were 16 different ways to code Diabetes? Building codes are some what the same way, only this time I enjoy it. May be because I'm intrigued by interior design and learning codes that have such a profound impact on how one designs a building or a space. I'm not sure. What I do know is that unlike people, buildings and spaces don't talk back; at least not verbally. Hope that doesn't sound as bad as I think! Anyway these were my assigned building codes from the 2012 NC Building Codes:

1210.3 Showers
1005.2 Door Encroachments

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