Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Body Mask: Show & Review

I received a lot of compliments on my mask and how beautiful it was, but once I put the whole ensemble together it became sort of creepy; I was okay with this. In the bible, whenever an angel presents themselves to mankind, the first thing they say is "fear not", basically telling the person don't be afraid. I don't believe that the bible distinctively describes what an angel looks like, but because they have to say this every time they come in contact with humans we assume that the appear very frightening at first. This is the same concept that I wanted with my character, and I think I achieved it. Even though people were frightened or creeped out at first, the beauty in this body mask was mesmerizing and you couldn't help but stare. 

Overall I think my body mask was a success! What I gathered from this experience and how it ties into interior architecture and design is learning to go through a process from creation, to brainstorming and sketching, to making decisions on what materials work best, and eventually to a final result. Understanding your limitations and what skills you have that will help you to accomplish what you have set out to do all play a major part in designing. I think that this was an interesting and fun way help us to understand that process on a different level and in a different atmosphere or genre.

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